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Trapped nerve and the symptoms that indicate it
The problem in question is probably well familiar to many people since one can easily get it. It is enough to bend over to pick up something in an improper way, and the next moment one can find oneself with intense pain in the back. Or one can very easily wake up in the morning just to realize that it is impossible to move the head in any direction without feeling this terrible pain. In both of these situations, the real culprit is actually trapped nerve. In other words, soft tissues around the nerve in question have probably applied too much pressure to it, and since in most of the cases it is pressed against the bone, it cannot function normally and it is very likely to swell, which ultimately results in inevitable intense pain. Aside from pain, the person might also experience the sensation frequently described as pins and needless, as well as numbness of the affected area. As for the parts of the body that are more prone to nerve entrapment, besides the back and particularly the lower part, nerves in the wrists, neck and shoulder are also frequently affected.
Dealing with trapped nerve symptoms
The best that one can do is visit a specialist and get a professional opinion on the condition. In case it is confirmed that certain nerve has been trapped, then the specialist will suggest adequate steps that should be taken. One thing is sure, the person in question will certainly need to rest a lot and the affected area will probably have to be immobilized by wearing a splint or brace. Then again, certain strengthening and stretching exercises can help in relieving the pressure on the nerve, while certain activities that might aggravate the symptoms will need to be avoided. Many people will not be able to stand the pain, or they will not want to deal with it, which is why analgesics will probably be their choice. In more severe cases, corticosteroid injections will be given to the patient for pain and inflammation management, because in these cases the previously mentioned medications will not be strong enough to provide the needed relief.
Surgery is a solution for those people who do not feel better even after weeks or even a few months of the treatment. This means that other methods of treatment do not bring any signs of improvement and that a more radical solution is necessary. The type of the surgery will depend on the part of the body which is affected.

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