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Though to many people it may not appear so, there are quite a lot of those who do complain about this particular type of pain and do so quite frequently. What seems to trouble most of them is the origin of the underlying cause, as well as what the most common culprits that bring about this pain are. This is not at all surprising given the fact that there exists abundance of possible causers of this type of pain. For some people this is the indicator for the presence of gallbladder stones, whereas for others this pain can indicate the existence of lung inflammation or even inflammation of the kidneys. Though most of the above said applies to men, women can also fall under the unpleasant influence of this type of pain, especially those who are well into their pregnancy. Due to many possible causes, it is quite complicated to point out only one specific cause of the left back pain under the person’s ribs. But the choice can be significantly narrowed down by doing a series of tests and going through a detailed examination as soon as the pain occurs. However, even when the underlying cause is known, this specific type of pain remains unpleasant and difficult to bear. Expansion, contraction and motion occurring in the abdomen are largely dependable on the rib cage movements. In case a person is suffering from a back pain under the ribs, or if it experiences this pain in the area just underneath the rib cage, or further behind the ribs, then it might be in a direct relation to a certain complication befalling the person’s rib cage, or it may have something to do with a certain problem internal in nature.

Most common culprits causing pain in the left back region

Considered to be one of the most indicative causes of this kind of pain is an injury that can bring a lot of harm to the person’s rib cage, especially, if this refers to a sort of a fracture, or even more seriously cracked rib. The best possible way to give a proper diagnosis for this specific type of pain is by help of CT scan and MRI scan. In addition, in case the person’s cartilage is attacked by an inflammation, one of the common manifestations includes intensive pain in arms and back likewise. This variety of pain is of short duration, but despite that, is extremely unbearable and unpleasant. Still, when it comes to the most frequent cause of left back pain underneath the ribs, doctors find it to be costochondritis – an illness occurring as a direct consequence of the infection of the respiratory system.

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