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A troublesome sensation

Any condition that has the ability to throw us off the balance makes us feel not only unpleasant, but also to a certain extent powerless and it takes away a lot of vigor from our day. Discomfort that can occur in the chest region is rooted in a great number of reasons, each of which can, and in most cases is, symptomatic of some more serious in nature underlying condition or illness.

Women and chest discomfort

What has a great number of research studies revealed and pointed out is that, when it comes to female population, it can lead to an occurrence of conditions and illnesses extremely serious in nature, and more often than in men. In addition, these serious illnesses can also be fatal. One of the prevailing reasons is that the severe underlying conditions are not revealed in time, and thus a proper diagnosis is absent, which would otherwise aid a person battle off the illness in question in its beginning phases, thus avoiding potential worsening and even death.

Main culprits

Having in mind some of the most frequent culprits for the occurrence of chest related discomfort in women, the following should especially be pointed out to:

Heart related conditions – it is quite common for a particular heart related illness to manifest itself by means of discomfort in the chest of a person in question, and regarded as the most frequently occurring is, none other than heart attack. As a direct consequence, a woman will feel immense discomfort, accompanied by severe chest pain and resembling to somebody squeezing and placing a lot of pressure all over the chest at the same time. The pain that follows up is shooting pain that will affect your arms, stabbing pain affecting the chest and muscle spasms followed by ringing in the ears. Aside from the heart attack, some other conditions related to the heart that can induce chest pain are elevated cholesterol levels, Angina pectoris (causes the blockage of the arteries and hinders the proper flow of the blood and oxygen to the heart).Stress – does not refer to a mental state solely, but quite frequently has the tendency to manifest itself physically as well. When under the stress, a person does not only experience excessive fatigue and anxiety, but there occurs an entire prism of physical manifestations that accompany the stress. Given the fact that when under the stress our body has two choices at its disposal – fight or flight, in those moments it releases specific hormones such as adrenaline and other similar ones, that bring about all of the physical changes that take place. And one of such changes includes the chest pain as well.Heart burn – as far as the female population is concerned, heart burn is considered to be one of the indicators of pregnancy, since the stomach which increases in size puts muscles under a lot of pressure, due to which there occurs release of acids. A direct side effect of this is also the occurrence of chest pain, even during pregnancy.

Other conditions include infection of the lungs, injury to the ribs, panic attacks, muscle spasms in chest, stomach ulcers, tuberculosis, anxiety attacks, shingles, esophagitis, and rapid breathing.

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