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Painfulthigh after hip replacement surgery

Thigh pain after hip replacementsurgery is not uncommon. People who experience this kind ofpain after the surgery need notworry about this condition. The severity of pain after hipreplacement surgery will wary from person to person as it isinfluenced by various factors. Still, main cause of pain in the thighafter this surgery can be found in over-stressing of the hip thatwas operated. The pain is not long lasting, and severity of pain willgradually diminish as more time elapses since the surgery.

Another commonoccurrence after hip replacement surgery, which might or might not beassociated with pain, is a specific clicking noise. It can be heardon some occasions.

What is a causefor alarm is pain that either increases over time or does not go awayas the time passes. This indicates that there has been somecomplication, and the doctor who performed the surgery should examineyou to see what went wrong.

Causes of painin the thigh after hip replacement surgery

There arenumerous complications of hip replacement surgery that might causeproblems such as the pain in the thigh. For example, the operatingfield might have become infected somehow, which could spread tonearby parts of the body and pain caused by inflammation andbacterial toxins could be felt there. It is even possible that theoperation was not successful, meaning that the replaced hip mightget loose very soon after the surgery. If the pain begins when thepatient starts to use the operated hip again (walking or engaging inother activities), this is indicative of ongoing complications. Also,surgery will affect various tissues in the region, and these willreact to the injury through producing a sensation of pain.

Other causesinclude possible ossification within the muscles, or a fatiguefracture of the pelvis, or nerve damage. Pain in the thigh might beunrelated to hip replacement surgery. What could cause it is someproblem in the spine or some sort of vascular disease. Before youjump to conclusions, consult the doctor who performed the surgery andrun some tests to determine what exactly causes the pain. In somecases, a second surgery will have to be carried out, to fix upwhatever went wrong with the first surgery. Study results indicatethat about ten percent of people who underwent hip replacementsurgery suffer from thigh pain and similar problems that can beresolved by another surgery.

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