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Human hip is a large joint, surrounded by tendons, muscles and a bursa sack of fluid between them, which prevents the friction or the first two. Hip or tight pain is usually connected with inflammation or injury of one of those components, although older age and hereditary factors has something to do with it.

Thigh or hip pain can be caused usually by couple of reasons; first one could be bursitis, an inflammation of bursa sac (sac filled with fluid that softens the frictions between tendons, muscles and bone in the joint). Second could be the case when people are involved in hard work activities or sports, and in the process, overuse their hip in physical activities, such as running, extensive and prolonged sitting or repeating movements. Also a tendonitis may sometimes be the cause of hip or tight injury.

Thigh and hip fractures can be very painful and life changing injuries. In cases when more serious hip injury occurs, only 50% of people can later, after all the therapies and possible surgeries, resume a normal level of physical activities that they have before the injury.

Very common and painful thigh and hip injuries can also be kyphosis, accentuated lumbar lordosis, psoas muscle injury, disk problems, back pains, scoliosis, etc. some other areas that may hurt you, as a result of initial hip or back pain, may be knees, pelvic tilting, digestive problems, fertility problems, or menstrual pains.

In case that you have tight or hip pain problems, there are number of things that you can do by yourself. Of course, if your injury is serious you should consult your doctor. There are some special exercises that you should try, in order to prevent hip injury to happen again or to relieve your symptoms.

One of those exercises may be to try to lie down and stretch your legs while keeping them firmly together and then you can lift your knees one at a time, to your chest. These exercises are proving to be very beneficial to back tight or hip injury but in case that you also have herniated disk problems, you should consult your doctor first.

Also there are stretching exercises. You should do them daily in order to increase your flexibility and to strengthen the muscles around your hip. As for other thing that you can do by yourself about your tight or hip problems one of them is to try to use a walking stick or cane.

As for other things that you can also do try to loose extra weight and apply ice packs or heat to a painful areas.

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