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Diseases Do Not Exist

We are all used to being treated by modern medicine, whenever we get sick from almost any illness, especially those more serious ones. We are taught to believe that medications are the only way of dealing with health problems and that we would certainly have problems healing and in some cases end up with permanent damage or even die if we tried any other approach or a solution instead of taking a pharmacological medication, since nothing is as effective.

However, there are scientists, philosophers, psychologists and many other people, who beg to differ. Namely, they believe that diseases do not really exist. Namely, through your feelings and emotions, you are capable of causing yourself getting ill ending up with other health problems, but also keep yourself healthy.

Take stress, for example, troubling many of us daily. Once we make ourselves believe that we are under stress, constantly being in a rush, trying to catch up with the time we do not seem to have, leading a hectic life full of frustrations, all this is bound to reflect on our overall health. Hence all the diseases are caused by stress.

When we worry about a certain disease, we are likely to cause it in our organism, sooner or later. Also, there are people claiming that, if we believe that we cannot catch a flu, for example, we will not, regardless of where we go, or what kind of sick people we get in contact with.

The Strangest Placebo

There are cases where people are treated only with placebo. Even then, their symptoms, which can vary, being quite serious at times, disappear as well. The same is with actual medications. We believe that we have to be treated and cured with pills, creams and other things of this type, and we do.

All in all, we need to change our ways and our overall attitude towards illnesses. We need to think positive an prevent the illnesses in that way. Avoid medications unless our health is being seriouslyjeopardized.

All you need to do is to counter your sicknesses with positive feelings. Take a walk when you have a headache or indulge into your favorite hobby. Do whatever you like and you will see that, once you have relaxed, all the ailments will be gone.

But if you are suffering from a serious condition, stay on your medications until you are completely cured.

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