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Health seems to be subjective, with various human social groups perceiving it differently. For instance, some societies claim that a healthy mind is more important than a healthy body, while some beg to differ, thinking that it is the other way around. Others place their well-being in the hands of a deity, trusting him/her/it to keep them safe and healthy. Modern societies believe that every mental disorder is closely related to a physical one, disregarding emotional health completely, focusing on treating the body regardless of the illness.

All in all, we are all dying since the day have been born. There is no cure for aging and it is the number one killer in the world, regardless of our perception of health and illnesses. Yet, we need to “feel” ill in order to be ill and for the illness to exist in the first place. So, now we are confused once again, crucified between mental and physical factors of our, or our society's health definition.

Diseases and Health Perceptions

If we continue to be lead by the previous statement, only people who show illness are actually ill. Thus, carriers of illnesses like AIDS and hemophilia, who do not show any signs of their health problems do not fit into our definition of health and should be eradicated or removed instead of treated. Also, speaking of illnesses, what about politicians, the mentally corrupt and dangerous ideologists? These people have killed more innocent individuals than many epidemics. So, should these factors be considered diseases? Truly, moral, ethics, society and diseases are all mysterious grounds.

We tend to outcast ourselves from the world around us, perceiving us as the chosen ones, better than the rest. However, this is where all mistakes are born, especially regarding health and well being. There is no physical and mental as a separate universes and there is no human and natural as counterparts. Our scientific ignorance has estranged us from ourselves and it is high time we returned to our origins, before it is too late.

One with the Nature?

We tend to separate internal causes of diseases like suppressed emotions, genetic mutations or malignant metabolic processes from external ones including childhood abuse, exposure to pathogens and malnutrition. Yet, these are all parts of a greater system called health and existence per se. We live in a world of giving and taking and, if we take care of our world, it will give us health.

Finally, even through dysfunction, our body functions. Even when we are sick, our organism and mind are working. Thus, it is all a matter of perception, social, cultural or whichever. We have perceived our health and sickness improperly and need to stop and think about it a bit more, since, based on the results, the current system is far from perfect.

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