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Life and Adrenaline

The adrenal glands in our body have onemain purpose. Namely, they are to make additional energy from burningmore sugar, once the need arises. The situations where we seem tohappen to need this extra energy is often perceived as an emergencyby our organism, in the same manner as when we were hunted by otheranimals and were exposed to this kind of life-threatening dangerdaily. This is called the fight or flight situation. Long time ago,when we were not on the top of the food chain, we were hunted bynumerous predators and our organism learnt how to avoid being caughtand killed by entering this mode where the majority of our blood getstransferred into our muscles, helping us cope with a troublesomesituation. Today, we experience the same adrenal metamorphosis oncewe are under excessive stress. Our body still perceives this asa trouble, and produces more adrenaline in order to rescue us. However,staying under stress for a long time can cause our adrenal glands togo overboard, producing too much adrenaline, getting into a situationwhere you suffer from adrenaline exhaustion. This hormonalimbalance in your organism can prove to be quite dangerous for yourhealth and is to be treated before any major damage is done.

Signs of Adrenal Gland Dysfunctions

One of the main signs of adrenalexhaustion is the obvious lack of energy. Namely, you are to feelexhausted and tired even after a good night sleep, barely making itthrough the day, considering the usual daily obligations extremelydifficult and demanding. Another common symptom is that you arelikely to gain a sudden rise in your energy levels during the eveninghours. People who suffer from an adrenal exhaustion tend to be sickoften, have troubles with their digestive system and tend to haveproblems with their blood pressure, it being too low. Finally, theymight be sensitive to low temperatures and get extremely tired afterexercising.

Therefore, whenever you are in this“mode” of conduct, you need to compensate for your energy losesby eating healthy and providing your organism with adequate sleep.Otherwise, you are bound to develop some more serious problems, likesome diseases.

Possible Treatment

The best thing is to reduce stress. Youmay opt for many different stress removal techniques like yoga andmeditation, focusing on positive things and providing your bodyexercise it needs. Also, do not forget sleeping at least 8 hours aday, since this is crucial for your well-being. Finally, make sureyou spend some time in the sun during the day, eat food rich inproteins and avoid caffeine and sugar as much as you can.

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