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Love is the thing that makes allpeople, as many people say. In ideal cases, children are consideredto be products of love between their parents, meaning that they areborn from this powerful sensation. Truly, in numerous cases, love hasshown as a great stimulator and a driving force of human kind but didyou know that it is also extremely good for your overall health?

In most cultures, love is connectedwith the heart, it's cute drawing being the symbol of it. Actually,love does wonders to the heart, as numerous tests have confirmed.People who feel loved by their “other halves” tend to suffer less fromheart diseases such as angina, diabetes, blood pressure orcholesterol. Probably connected with stress removal, loved people doseem to have their heart cherished by their loved ones.

Love is also known as the elixir ofyouth, reversing and slowing down or aging process. Believe it ornot, this seems to be the case. People who love, care for otherpeople or show affection truly and significantly, have increasedproduction and activity of the anti-aging hormone we all possess inour bodies. Researches show that being loved helps little when itcomes to staying young compared to loving others and showingaffection. Being kind to other has also been proven to release stressand increase endorphin release in our bodies, making us less prone topain caused by headaches and such fits at the same time defending usfrom more serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis and manyimmunity deficiency illnesses.

Next time you see a “free hugs”sign feel free to grab one since it can also do good for your health.This action, along with snuggling and cuddling, releases our bondinghormone, reducing our blood pressure significantly, depending on the“dosage” or the “level” of it.

Following a logical course of eventsconsidering affection and bonding, making love comes next. It is nothard to imagine the benefits of what is known to be the final levelof bonding between two people in love. Regular love-making is knownto keep people in love younger, better looking, more healthyconcerning the heart, male prostate, overall body condition and lifespan in general than those who prefer to live alone and loveless.“Practicing” love makes our body more fit and does good to theskin. Of course, love is essential and merely sex carries no such powersince emotions act as the main catalyst.

After such a list of being effects,what else to say than simply love to people who go out there to make love.

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