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Many Headaches – Many Causes

Headaches are quite common nowadays.There are people who suffer from these daily, while there are peoplewho get troubled by them rarely. Of course, some of us have never hada headache in our lives, even though the number of these lucky peopleis very small. If we are to understand headaches better, we need tobear in mind the fact that there are numerous different causes ofthese health problems.

Therefore, the more different causesthere are, the more different headaches there will be. That beingsaid, you need to find the cause behind a headache in order to treatit successfully. As far as the reasons behind a headache areconcerned, these can range from something easily neglected and/ortaken care of, to some serious, even terminal illnesses.

Most Common Causes of Headaches

Since nowadays we spend a lot of ourtime in front of the computer, either during work or for pleasure,excessive exposure to computer screens can trigger headaches.Luckily, these are cured by abstinence and sleeping.

Sometimes, we might have a headachewhich stems from a sinus infection undergoing in our organism. Onother occasions, a simple flu, cold or an allergy can have the sameeffect. In this case, medications do the trick.

As the list of possible headacheculprits moves on, the next comes narrowing of our blood vessels,which is quite a common case in modern times, due to our malnutritionand a sedentary ways of living. This problem can easily triggerheadaches, due to the fact that there is less blood coming to our brain. This is also a cause of many cases of migraines.

Tension of the jaw muscles and jointscan easily lead to headaches, along with the same thing happening inour shoulder or neck area.

There are cases when headaches are aside-effect of a secondary, underlying disease. These can take theform of anything from scarlet fever to irritable bowel syndrome.Therefore, a visit to the doctor's is a must in these cases.

Pollution is another cause worthmentioning. We live in a poisoned world and we breathe in theproducts of our evolution every day. These poisons can interfere withour health and trigger many illnesses and health problems, includingheadaches.

Finally, eating poisoned food can causeheadaches as well. Also, the worst case scenarios include cancer andbrain tumors.

Therefore, timely action in headachetreatment and prevention is the best possible advice in these cases.

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