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A Choice You May Possibly Regret

Many people who suffer from acne, uponpaying their dermatologist a visit, get prescribed antibiotictreatment. Even though this may prove to be an effective way ofdealing with this severe skin condition, it may also end up being theworst decision you have ever made. Namely, even though manydermatologists prescribe antibiotics for these purposes quiteleisurely, these medications may cause numerous health problems, somemore serious than the others. Apart from that, their effect is quiteshort-lasting in comparison to the amount of money one is to pay forthem. So, for all these, and many other reasons yet to be mentioned,make sure you think twice each time you are advised to have your acnetreated by means of taking antibiotics.

The More You Take, the More You Suffer

Even though, initially, thesemedications will have a positive effect on your skin health, you areunder no circumstances advised to use them for a longer period oftime. They do kill the bacteria behind acne. However, the bacteriado not disappear completely since, it is present all over our skin.Therefore, if you manage to kill some bacteria with the antibioticsyou are using, the others will become immune in time and only makethings worse for you. Thus, the whole acne problem may escalate aslong as you continue taking antibiotics for these purposes.

The Collateral Damage

Another flaw of these medications isthat they are not programmed to kill specific types of bacteria.Rather, they will go on eliminating most of these microorganisms fromyour entire body. This onslaught will do away with many usefulbacteria you have in many of your organs. Subsequently, you will bemore prone to infections and many other diseases. Also, taking intoconsideration that most of these benign bacteria perform taskscontributing to the well-being of our organism, their disappearancemay result in acne getting worse as well, that being the least ofyour problems.

Our liver and our digestive system helpour organism expel all the unnecessary or intruding microorganisms.This is performed by these useful bacteria, among other things.Naturally, once these are eliminated by antibiotics, our organism isunable to counter the negative influence of the bad microorganisms.Therefore, this treatment, applied on a long-term basis, may onlylead to total deterioration of our immune system and the worsening ofany skin problems we might have.

Bacteria are not the only cause behindacne. Thus, a more holistic approaches need to be chosen. These willdeal with the entire problem, not only with the symptoms or some ofthe manifestations. These will also present permanent solutions toall those suffering from acne.

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