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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic, alternative way of treating illnesses which may affect people. Namely, it stands for a range of different healing methods which can both treat and prevent many acute and chronic health problems.

The holistic element in aromatherapy indicates that the therapist will take your whole personality, along with your bodily characteristic into consideration during the treatment. Thus, your medical history will be very important, as well as your emotional state, general health and the lifestyle you have. Thus, the focus is not solely on the illness, but, rather, on your body as a whole.

Stress can cause more health problems than we can possible imagine. For example, irritable bowel syndrome, backache and many types of headaches are triggered by nothing more than stress. So, once you start treating these problems with medications, you are likely to treat the symptoms rather than the cause, making the approach ineffective. On the other hand, a holistic approach like aromatherapy is bound to focus on reducing your stress levels as well, and take many other factors into consideration, treating your whole body into a state of flawless health.

Stress and Our Organism

We know that our emotional and mental health can greatly influence our bodily condition. Thus, stress, in the long run, can easily trigger many organic problems such as inflammations, ulcers etc. All strong emotions affect the chemical processes in our body, having a positive or a negative effect on us.

When we are under stress, our body produces hormones adrenaline and cortisol in order to save us from what our brain interprets as a life-threatening situation. However, when exposed to these hormones for too long, our organism gets dysfunctional and damaged. Thus, keeping your stress levels at bay is equal to staying healthy and happy.

A Proven Method

Medical professionals have confirmed the presence of an incredible healing power in aromatherapy. Namely, it is capable of providing people relaxation necessary to treat sleeping issues, stress-related problems and many other health complications. Moreover, it has been noticed that, for example, spending a night in a jasmine scented room will make you more alert in the afternoon and more relaxed during your sleep than spending a night in a lavender scented room. Thus, this shows the potential of aromatherapy which is yet to be fully discovered.

We need to keep our stress levels controlled since this is extremely important for our health and overall well-being on both mental and physical levels. Holistic treatments can provide us with what we need.

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