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How many times in a year a new diet enters the market, a new miracle which will save all those who are in a dire need of eliminating the excessive weight? But, unfortunately, after some time, the initial thrill melts away and all that is left are hard facts, which are sometimes not speaking positively for that diet, especially if it is a restrictive diet with a lot of rules.


pH miracle diet is one of the latest methods developed for those who need to reduce their weight. This diet is based on the pH value in the organism, which is set in an alkaline area. This means that minerals such as potassium and sodium are very important for this diet (there are also calcium and magnesium). Using food with these minerals should have positive effect for the organism, while using food that contains a lot of acidic substances will disrupt the balance of minerals and lead to some medical problems, including obesity.

It is hard to say whether this diet will be effective or not. There is some logic to it, but it can be looked at from different angles. For example, what will happen if food rich in acids is completely avoided? pH is based on the balance between alkalines and acids, not on excluding completely one of those two. This tells us that both of those substances should be present in the organism, alkalines slightly more than acids. So, where does a diet stand here? What is the truth about pH miracle diet?

The need

Dieting is never a healthy process. This means that body has to be deprived of something in order for a fat burning process to start. In more than 90% of diets, carbohydrates and fats are reduced to a minimum in order to induce the weight reduction. In pH diet, acids are set to a minimum by excluding the food that contains these substances. Unfortunately, there are a lot of foods that are supposedly healthy but cannot be used in this diet because of their pH values (wheat, meat, milk and dairy products). Also there are some fruits that should be avoided. Obviously, this is a demanding diet and some effort is needed for it to be applied to the letter.

Furthermore, there is no scientific proof that would definitely tell people how effective this diet is. Generally, reducing food that contains any harmful substance is not unhealthy, but how much it is beneficiary, that is yet to be seen.

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