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Eating excessively will not only potentially endanger one's health, but it will also pose an esthetic problem. In men, belly fat usually increases more than in other area, creating that lovely, round stomach that is hard to get rid of, while, in women, belly fat usually appears after the pregnancy and is also something that needs to be reduced.

Diets for eliminating fat

A diet plan for belly fat is more or less a standard diet with some little tweaks. Those tweaks include drinking a lot of water and not much at one time, but moderate amounts throughout the entire day. It is important to know that, when stomach diameter needs to be reduced, volume of the intestinal pathways has to reduce also, because that is the main cause of a big stomach. Fat does create additional layers, but the roundness also comes from big intestines. Substances that can help with losing belly fat and prevent further creation are vitamin C and beta-carotene and these two can be found in oranges, carrots, cherries, pumpkins etc. Also, 55 mg of selenium each day should be enough for dealing with that nasty belly fat. But, it is not easy to determine if we do take that needed minimum each day.

Eating fish and eggs also helps a lot and it is recommended to eat only proper fat (the one from olive oil, for example), while corn and trans fatty acids should be avoided as much as possible.

Exercises for eliminating belly fat

The diet is not the only thing that needs to be done in order to eliminate belly fat. Exercises are also great, but not only the abdominal muscles should be worked out; the entire organism should be activated in order to speed up the metabolism and the burning fat process. Only exercising abs will result in strong abdominal region still covered with fat layers. An example of needed exercise is interval training, which includes cycling through running and walking. So, you cover small distance with jogging, then the same distance with a sprint, than walking, and then repeat.

It is obvious that belly fat did not upgrade our body in few days, so it is not logical to expect from it to be gone in the same period. Time and patience are needed, so it is not a wonder that many give up on a strict life regime and return to the old habits. For those who manage to control themselves, belly fat will reward them by disappearing.

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