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A balanced and properly executed five-day low-fat diet, if followed properly, can trim anybody who adheres to it, enough to fit in a dress that is one number down in the size. Proposed meals in this diet plan are nutrient-rich, but low in fat and low in calories, so that only thing that is truly left out of the diet is fat-producing ingredients.

There is a multiple choice of all three daily meals so that the diet does not become repetitive and boring. Fibre, vegetables and fruit contained within these meals should provide a satisfying, full sensation.

Target audience

This diet is for all those that need a working shed-weight-quick scheme, in example, for a party or some important event. It is also meant for those who have better things to do than count calories in every meal. It should be noted that this diet is more a temporary patch and less the solution - once off this diet, lost pounds can return quickly unless there is a thorough change in overall dietary habits.

How to

Diet is designed for three meals a day, one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner. It is acceptable to repeat the same meal, it is not necessary to pick a different meal every day. Two snacks a day from the list are also allowed. It is desirable to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Meal list

Breakfast choices:

1 oz of unsweetened muesli, one soup spoon of yogurt, handful of raspberries, a glass of unsweetened orange juicea small bowl of strawberries and one toasted bagel topped with a teaspoon of low-fat cream cheeseshake blended of one large orange, one banana, 1/4 pint semi-skimmed milk, a small pot of yogurt, a teaspoon of clear honey.a slice of whole meal toast, three sliced and grilled cherry tomatoes, a glass of unsweetened fruit juicetwo small poached eggs, a slice of whole meal toast.

Lunch choices:

salad (slice one small avocado, one tomato, 1 1/2 oz of low fat mozzarella) drizzled with a teaspoon of oil-free dressing, two wholegrain crackersopen sandwich (a slice of whole meal bread, two lean ham slices, rocket leaves, two tomatoes) and a cup of yogurtcarton of soup made from fresh vegetables, a whole meal rollan orange, a jacket potato with two soup spoons of low-fat cottage cheese2 1/4 oz bean salad (bought in the shop), two rice cakes topped with low fat humus, an apple.

Dinner choices:

- one lemon juice seasoned medium salmon fillet, baked in foil at 180°C 12 minutes, stir fried 3 1/2oz mixed vegetables and one teaspoon of olive oil- two grilled lean beef sausages, 4oz green beans, 1oz mashed sweet potato with a teaspoon of low-fat crème fraiche- a chicken fillet with a small tin of plum tomatoes and mixed herbs (roasted at 190°C for 15-20 minutes), 2 1/4oz of each of steamed broccoli and 2 1/4 oz of steamed carrots, two plums- 1 chicken breast, four mushrooms, three cherry tomatoes and a handful of mangetout and baby spinach, cut/sliced and stir-fried in 1 one soup spoon of oil, with , all sliced, and a handful of baby spinach, 2oz of boiled egg noodles- grilled small lamb chop, 2 1/4oz each of steamed mangetout and sweetcorn.

Snack choices:

a piece of fruitone bar of cerealtwo oatcakes with cottage cheeseone yogurtthree dark chocolate squares

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