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Diet basics

In order for the diet to be effective, there needs to be lots of protein and very few carbohydrates. Processed foods need to be excluded from the diet. Every meal will have plenty of protein and the carbohydrates will be limited in the first phases of the diet. Apart from protein, a person will need to intake high amounts of calcium as well. The best way to do so is by consuming lots of low fat dairy products. In some cases there is need for calcium supplements.

Three phases of the diet

The first phase lasts for three days and during that time a person will consume a lot of protein and very low calorie meals. The key of this phase is to jump start weight loss and get rid of excess water.

In phase two a person will eat high protein foods like eggs, fish and dairy. During this phase, people who follow it will eat three meals and three snacks in one day. This phase lasts until the person is five pounds from his or her goal.

Phase three is an introduction to a maintenance diet. In the first week a person can eat organic chicken, while in the second he or she can consume two fruits. In the third week legumes are included in the diet. Week four means the addition of sweet potatoes. In week five nuts are added and in week six whole grains and even bread are added.

Recommended foods

Some of the foods that should be consumed during the diet are low fat dairy products, salad greens, berries, low carb vegetables, hummus, salmon, shrimp, eggs, green tea, caviar and organic chicken.

An example of meals

For breakfast a person can have a smoothie that consists of fat free yogurt and blueberries and a skinny latte.

For a morning snack a person should drink green tea.

Mixed green salad with some grilled shrimp and mineral water should be consumed for lunch.

Afternoon snack should consist of hummus, raw vegetables like carrots for instance and green tea.

Red snapper, steamed asparagus and mixed green salad with an addition of Parmesan cheese should be eaten for dinner.

An evening snack can be a Greek yogurt with cinnamon and Splenda.

This is only one example and there are many more a person can choose from.

Exercises are also a very important part of the weight loss process. Experts advise that these should be done in the morning.


Some of the good things about this diet is that exercises are involved, wine is allowed, processed foods are eliminated and there are lots of exciting recipes a person can choose from.


The bad things about this diet is that it eliminates a lot of foods, the first two phases do not bring enough calories and a person may feel hungry and fatigued, artificial sweeteners are allowed to be used and some of the foods that are recommended may be too expensive for some.

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