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Introduction to the Dukan diet

There are tons of new diet fads constantly being introduced in the world. They are usually meant to help a person lose a lot of weight in a small period of time. They work by keeping a close check on calorie consumption and limiting it greatly in order to help a person shed pounds.

The diet was named after the French doctor that created it, Pierre Dukan, who jotted some of his personal experiences when treating obese and overweight people.

Through this process, he singled out what was the best way to reduce pounds and what food to eat in order to do so.

The diet is very protein rich and it includes a strategy of rotating carbohydrates. The plan

The first phase of the diet is called the attack phase. The duration of this phase depends on the amount of weight a person is looking to lose, but generally, in the first phase, a person should only lose in between eight and ten pounds and it should last about five days.

It is important to rigorously follow the strict protein diet in order for results to be visible immediately.

A person is not allow to consume any foods that are rich in fats or carbohydrates during the first phase.

However, calorie free fresh juices are allowed, and it is also of vital important to drink at least 10 glasses of water each day in order to keep the stomach full.

The food that can be consumed includes chicken, fish, low fat yogurt, skimmed milk, lean meat, and fat free cheeses. Citrus fruits like grapes, strawberries, oranges and lemons are also permitted.

In the second phase of the diet, there is a rotation phase in between vegetables and protein rich foods. However, the vegetables must be boiled or eaten raw. It is vital not to fry the vegetables. In this phase, a person should be able to lose three pounds in a week.

Of course, plenty of water and fruits should be consumed in this phase as well.

Foods that are allowed in the second phase include broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, French beans, and calorie-less fruit juices.

In phase three this weight loss that has been achieved must be maintained with an extra serving of carbs allowed in this week in order to keep up health. The duration of the phase depends on how much weight has been lost in the previous phase. Here a person can eat low carb rice, pasta, cottage cheese and whole grain breads along with fruit and water.

Phase four is used for stabilization and it is vital to follow it closely in order to avoid gaining back all the weight.

In this phase, a person needs to continue eating healthy and avoid all junk foods and other products that resulted in their obesity in the first place.

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