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What kind of thing causes damage to the nails?

When it comes to body care, the nails are rarely anyone’stop priority to worry about. Those people who like to keep their nails neat andclean simply use the nail file and those who like them to be particularlyappealing to the eye, and can afford it as well, visit a nail salon.

Whatpeople don’t think about is whether those products that are used in the nailsalons really take care of the nail health or simply give them a nice look. Theanswer is more the latter than the first. The thing is that all those productscontain many chemicals that are everything but good for the nails.

And while they are the somewhat more extreme example of thething that causes damage to the nails, they are not the only thing that is toblame for unhealthy nails. Everyday activities such as using a soap that isbased on various chemicals or doing some cleaning around the house thatinvolves getting in touch with the kinds of chemicals used for that alldiminish the natural moisture of the nails as well.

All this leads to split andpeeling nails that many people are acquainted with. Luckily, there are manyhome tricks to help nurture the nails and bring them back to their naturalstate.

What are the natural ways of restoring the damaged nailsback to health?

If one of the problems with the nails includes their colorshifting from the normal shade to a sort of yellowish one, the issue can besolved as simply as with some whitening toothpaste and lemon juice. The way tomake the right kind of mixture out of these two is by combining a teaspoon oflemon juice with the double amount of whitening toothpaste.

They should be leftaside until the lemon juice has absorbed the paste properly and the mixtureitself looks like paste. After that, the mixture is to be applied to the nailsand left that way for about five minutes, after which it is to be washed offwith warm water.

Another frequent problem with the nails is usually thecuticles. The solution is quite simple and it leaves the cuticles soft andneat. The way to prepare this is to mix a teaspoon of vitamin E oil togetherwith a teaspoon of olive oil and rub the mixture into both the cuticles andnails.

For best results, this action should be repeated a couple of times aweek.

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