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First of all, concerning the matter of the appearance of the yellowish color of the nails, it is necessary to emphasize that it could be either, the consequence of the improper nail care, or the result of some underlying health condition. Most commonly, this is the sign of the poor nutrition, so the nails tend to become yellow due to the depletion of some basic nutrients, such as zinc and iron. In those cases, the problem is solved by only increasing the consumption of the foods that are rich in them or providing enough of these minerals in the supplementary forms, while, on the other hand, when there is a suspicion on some health disorder as the provoker, it is necessary to seek the medical advice and the doctor will reach the diagnosis based on the test of the blood.How to whiten the nails?

Most frequent health disorders tightly associated with the symptom of the yellow nails are the diabetes, the malfunction of the liver, lungs and the kidneys. However, this symptom itself can be considered as the disease, and in that case, it is manifested as the additional problems like the effusion of the pleura, edema of the lymph, or the dilatation of bronchi; and sometimes the inflammation of the sinuses and the coughing may as well be the signs of this particular problem.

However, the most common trigger of the problem is the presence of the fungus, or to be more precise, the infectious process caused by fungus, which is usually located under the nail(s). Additional problems are often the degeneration of the nail, manifested as the scaling and the stench. Fortunately, this condition can be treated with both, the medications intended to be taken by the mouth or the remedies that should be applied directly over the affected areas.

Other that those, the cause as well could be prosaic and simple, such as, for example the yellow color from the tar and nicotine from the cigarette smoke or the too frequent use of the nail polish remover based on the alcohol, which deprives the nails from getting enough oxygen. Concerning this matter, there are several effective natural ways on how to get rid of the yellow color of the nails, and the most popular is the remedy based on simply immersing the affected area into the juice extracted from lemon. In addition, if suffering from any disorder mentioned above, the health of the nails should be improved with the increased intake of the vitamin E. Of course, there are a lot of the cosmetic products for whitening the nails available.

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