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Introduction to yellow toenails

Although many do not see this as a real problem, this canreally affect a person’s life. They are known to be a significant cause ofembarrassment for those who have them. Some people see this as a normal part ofaging, that it is something that every old person gets at some point duringtheir lives.

However, this is not true. Sometimes, it can be caused by acondition called yellow nail syndrome, but this is extremely rare. Most often,the cause is a fungal infection. Fungi are known to produce colored pigments,and, specifically, those who like to inhabit human nails, produce yellowishpigments, thus coloring the toenails yellow. Yellow toenails are not necessarilyuniformly colored. Only some toenails may be affected - sometimes only one -and the fungus may only be growing in part of the nail, producing a yellowtoenail streak

The first thing one should do when they notice that the colorof their nails has changed is to go and consult a doctor. If the cause is afungus, treating the problem will usually get rid of this inconvenience. Because,leaving it untreated may cause that the infection spreads, and it gets far moredifficult to treat. Generally, Infections are more easily treated ifthey do not involve the lunula (the whitish crescent shaped area near thecuticle).

Home remedy

There are various medical treatments for yellow toenails, and theyusually include oral medications, topical creams, or a type of topical lacquer. However, it is known that these tend to be quite expensive, and that they maycause some side-effects. It is probably why the best options for yellow fingernails are homeremedies. They are affordable, and as proven by many, very effective.

Tea tree oil is one of the most used natural remedies for yellowtoenails. It should be mixed with a few drops of olive oil and applied to theaffected part. In the morning, or evening, one should apply a half-and-half baking powder/lemonjuice paste to the yellow toenails in the morning or evening. Whenever the tea tree oil is applied, oneshould make sure they apply the lemon juice/baking powder mixture at theopposite time. They work well as a team.One goes on in the morning, and one goes on at night.

Two cups of vinegar should be mixed with two cups of warm water, thenone should soak their feet for 15 minutes, three times a day. Juniper berries, when crushed and mixed into a bucket of warm waterare a great way of getting rid of yellow toenails. One should do this for tento fifteen minutes for best results. Another good advice when dealing with this problem is for the person tokeep a good personal hygiene (i.e. keep their feet clean, change their socksdaily, etc.).

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