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Primary is excessive eating but that overeating can be caused by psychological factors such as stress, or compensation for some past trauma, for example, and bad habits, since people easily get hooked on fast food, sodas, chocolate, etc. Secondary would include metabolism issues (for example, slow metabolism caused by dysfunctional thyroid gland) and other health problems. Many people point out stress as a major cause for problems with eating, and it is no wonder, considering how we live today.

A good diet plan

Healthy balanced diet plan is something that must be applied for those that have problems with obesity, and depending on how much extra weight exists, different approaches should be made. This means that having few extra pounds and several dozens of extra pounds cannot be treated in the same way and people make mistakes thinking that few pounds can be easily taken off, easier than few dozens. It should be said that healthy balanced diet plan is only a part of the picture, because other parts should include physical activity and an overal healthy life (excluding alcohol and nicotine). For example, those few extra pounds that have been mentioned should come off very easily if some kind of a physical activity exists. It is proven that, even when a healthy and balanced diet is applied, muscles are lost too, almost as much as fat, whereas in cases of dieting and exercising at the same time, muscle mass is maintained, while fat is lost.

Healthy balanced diet plan has to include proteins, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins, since those are materials we are consisted of and thus, materials we need for normal functioning. Exclude only one of those, and a diet is no longer balanced. As for food that should be included, all healthy types are allowed, with some small changes. For example, chicken and turkey meat is much more healthier than pork and it is used in all balanced diets. Fish is there too, as one of the heatlhiest food available to us. Fruits and vegetables are someting that can be consumed in large quantities (except some fruits rich with calories, such as bananas, for example). Vegetables, together with sauces and spices, can make each and every meal tasteful and delicious, which is important, especially if the amount of food is decreased.

As for some numbers, about 500 calories a day should be a difference between calories taken via food and calories that our organism spends, with or without physical activity. This is needed for losing about two pounds per week, which does not seeem much, but it is a healthy way of losing excessive weight and ensuring that it never comes back.

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