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Acid Reflux Info

According to many people stress is one of the causes of acidreflux. About 50% of acid reflux patients find stress to cause their heartburn.Different things are stressful for different people. Some may experience troubleif they have some financial problems, but others could react in the same way tosocial and work conflicts or unpleasant environment. Emotional problems mayalso be experienced as stressful and cause heartburn and other symptoms of acidreflux.

There are several possible explanations what happens during somestressful event and how it can lead to acid reflux. Stress may affects us on apsychological level and stop our digestive system. Slowing of this system isknown to leave undigested food and stomach acid in the stomach longer thanneeded. In stress, our body will send more energy to the important organs inthe body, such as the heart, lungs and the muscles, so there is less thannormal amount of energy left for the stomach. Digestion is hindered and as theresult, patients may experience hyper-acidity and consequently acid reflux andheartburn.

Another reason that identifies the stress as the majorcontributor to acid reflux is the change in behavior and eating it brings. Peoplesuffering from stress may either deliberately or unconsciously start to eat “comfortfood”, especially late in the evening. Excess smoking and consummation ofalcohol are also frequently associated with people suffering from stress. Thesehabits have been identified as the triggers of over-production of stomach acid.

Ease the Stress

Acid reflux may be quite a problem, both for peoplesuffering from acute and chronic form of this medical condition. To be able to copewith it, it’s best to try to resolve the stress accumulated and generated in yourlife.

Take the pressure off yourself and try to do just one thingat the time. Several techniques have also been found to work. Try meditation,tai chi, hatha yoga or chi gong to ease the stress. Self-hypnosis may also begood for you. If you are more physical type of a person – exercise. Dosomething you consider fun and entertaining and the stress will be long gone.

Optimistic attitude in all occasions is also beneficial. Positivethinking actually works, so all you need to learn and do is to focus on goodthings in your life. Talking to a friend and/or having a laugh may also helpyou. Forget the idea you need to control every single thing in your life andyou will feel better already. If you don’t have a pet, consider taking onebecause they are well known to cure the stress.

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