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Stress is a big part of human lives in the world of today and we should try to relieve it in some way. Relaxation techniques for anxiety are one of the methods that can be very helpful in stress management, and we will talk more about them in the following lines. Muscles will become cramped and tensed due to the stress along with the changes in our continence. This leads to the uncomfortable feelings and short temper. But there is a solution in the form of relaxation techniques, which will reduce the stress and give you more energy.

If you suffer from acute stress overload, you can use these exercises, which will bring relief according to the yoga masters and experts. The body can be brought over the edge and the nerves will be too tensed, which will bring a lot of problems for your body and you.

Step One

If you feel overstressed, go the bathroom and wash your face and hands with cold water. Also, make sure your clothes are not tight. You can repeat this as much as you want or need, but it is important to wash the hands and face and do it slowly.

Step Two

You can go to the park or stay in the restroom if you want or if you need some privacy. Sit down and while you are sitting down, your toe muscles should be flexed for five seconds. Repeat this again once the five seconds are up. After Flexing procedure try to relax for a bit, and then do the same for the leg muscles, abdomen muscles, back muscles, neck muscles and face muscles. Contract and then relax each of these muscles.

Step Three

Now, try to breathe deep for three minutes, and then find some fresh air and go into the star standing position. In order to take this position, move your legs apart for 40cm and then stretch the arms in the shoulders with one palm turned downward and other upward. In this erect position, your body will look like a pentagram or a star. Breathe deep and consume cosmic energy as well. Rest once the period of three minutes ends, and then return to the “normal world”. This will bring your composure back and reduce the blood pressure, thus making your body much better supplied with oxygen, which will bring the stress under control.

By doing these exercises, your ability to manage stress will be increased. You will have enhanced judgment ability and clearer mind. Stressful days and sleepless nights can be a thing of the past if you try some of these techniques for the stress management. Due to the natural release of melatonin, your body will fall into a profound and peaceful sleep.

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