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Stress Overview

Stress arises from external and internal factors that affect emotional as well as physical aspect of an individual. Stress is actually the way people respond to these factors. This results in mental and physical distress and many health problems.

Stress-causing agents are usually pressures from the outer world. These are most commonly events such as death in the family, divorce, extreme problems at work and different difficulties that people confront on a daily basis. The ability to handle stress is an individual response to stressors and it is determined by overall health, the amount of sleep and emotional stability.

However, stress is not strictly negative. In fact, stress can be positive such as new job, birth of a child or wedding. Stress which is positively handled contributes to the increase in energy levels and adds excitement to life. Positive stress is stimulating and encourages people to achieve their goals.

On the other hand, too much stress that is difficult to manage can considerably affect physical and mental well-being. It can cause different ailments like headaches, high blood pressure and stomach problems. Bad stress can also cause anger, worry, anxiety and fear.

Coping with Stress

It is important to learn how to handle stress regardless of whether it is related to work, relationship, health or finance. In order to successfully deal with stress you should apply different stress management techniques and stress management tips. Handling stress with a positive attitude can help restore control and feeling of calmness.

Tips and Techniques for Stress ManagementThere is no specific recipe to how to manage stress. But several simple tips can help to significantly reduce the impact of stress on overall well-being and health of a person.

For example, it is strongly advised to keep your sense of humor in difficult times. This requires effort but can help to overcome stress.

Also, you should share your feelings with others. If you refrain from expressing your emotions, it can cause chronic stress that can significantly affect your health.

It is important to know your own limits and to avoid trying to control others as unrealistic expectations can cause a great deal of stress because such expectations will surely fail.

It is also essential to manage your time and define your priorities. This way you are likely to avoid stress.

Regular exercise is a proven tension reliever. Along with healthy nutrition that includes restricted intake of alcohol, tobacco, sugar and caffeine, physical exercise can help you to positively manage stress.

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