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Stress is something that people keep hearing and talking about more and more these days. Maybe, it is because they recognized that a number of physical and emotional problems actually come as a result of stress. The modern science has acknowledged the role of stress in many health problems, ranging from minor ailments to serious conditions.

Fortunately, there are ways to cope with stress and to overcome its effects.

The power of happiness

Many people will say that it is impossible to be happy or carefree during stress periods. The fact is that often the problem lays in how a person sees a situation and not in the situation itself.

Obviously, there are events in life that make a person feel happy or unhappy. Those situations, various circumstances of life, are often beyond reach and there is no controlling them. It is a truth that needs to be embraced by everyone. Fortunately, what can be controlled and changed is the way a person reacts to a given situation.

Inner happiness lays in every person, waiting to be found and achieved. Reaching in and using that happiness is something that can help come with negative situations and it thus prevents stress and its harmful consequences.

Happiness in all situations is something that needs to be learnt and practiced, and once a person masters this skill, they will be in control of how life affects their inner and outer being.

Until then, there are ways to handle stress quickly.

Relaxation techniques against stress

Finding a way to be happy even in stressful situations will improve the ability to respond better in such situations. A good response reduces stress and thus its negative effects.

The first step is to decide to be happy. The power of will is amazing and it can go a long way. Choices are usually based on values. A person should set happiness as high as possible on their scale of values.

It is always better to think about happy moments in life than to dwell on unhappiness and on things that made a person unhappy. Thinking leads to problem solving and it is good to think about happy events and moments in life for at least ten minutes a day.

Also, thinking about goals that would make a person happy will help the brain to orientate itself in the direction of achieving those goals. This is an important element of positive thinking.

Making oneself happy right now is also a very positive trick. It may include small things, like watching a funny movie or going dancing with friends. Everyone needs to put some time aside to make him or herself happy each day.

Forgiveness and appreciation are important keys for achieving happiness. Everyone should think of things they are grateful for and also to think about others and the reasons why they might have made the wrong choices. Putting oneself into other’s shoes is a way to forgiveness, and forgiving is one of the most fulfilling things there are.

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