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Deep breathing has been practiced in Eastern cultures since ancient times because of its many proven health benefits. Deep breathing helps to maintain balance of the body and mind. It also enables person to handle stressful situations. Anxiety and stress are nowadays common part of people’s lives therefore you should get acquainted with effects and benefits of deep breathing to learn how to deal with that. Incorrect or shallow breathing produces tension, leads to low energy level and results in health problems due to insufficient oxygen supply.

Why Should We Practice Deep Breathing?It has been shown that one of the benefits of deep breathing is that it helps to clear and focus the mind thus increases the concentration level. Deep breathing improves the health of nervous system due to increased oxygenation and nourishment. Because of this the brain cells become energetic thereby your mental performance becomes more productive. Deep breathing relieves the tension of mind and the body muscles because of which you feel relaxed and light thus complete your tasks easier.

Deep breathing is excellent cure for stage fright. Many people experience huge stress when they have to appear in front of the audience to give a speech or presentation. After deep breathing exercises this stress is significantly reduced.

Deep breathing is very beneficial for people who are suffering from persistent hay fever. Deep breathing purifies the air hence hay fever affects less frequently. This wonderful mechanism of deep breathing excludes need for air conditioner but in combination of these two hay fever may even diminish.

How to Breathe Deeply?

Deep breathing exercise can be done anywhere and anytime. This is especially convenient since you can do deep breathing at office which is usually the source of stress and tension. You can do deep breathing techniques anytime you fell upset and you will see the benefits almost instantly.

It is important that you breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose then hold your breath for couple of seconds before releasing the air slowly through your mouth. You have to concentrate on your breath. With regular exercise you will improve your technique and start to feel all the benefits of deep breathing.

There are different deep breathing exercises that you may choose to practice. In yoga, this technique is called pranayama which means “control of breath.” Deep breathing is one of the best relaxation techniques for anxiety and is certainly better option for anxiety management than medications because it can get rid of all anxiety-related symptoms in a natural way.

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