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Taking control over onesthoughts, emotions, and even working schedule is all that it takes in order tocope with stress. In this way, the person will certainly regain the balance inlife, and there will be enough time for everything.

Recognizing the source of stress

First of all, it is essential to identify the real source orsources of stress because only after this has been done, the person can consider thesteps that need to be taken in order to deal with it. This requires taking acloser look at habits and general attitude, but it is necessary to be honestwith oneself because people tend to find excuses and blame others for thingsthat they are responsible for. Otherwise, no improvement will be made and noprogress will occur.

Keeping a stress journal

Even though this might sound as a waste of time, those whostart doing it will find it very helpful and beneficial because the stressorswill be much easier to identify. Besides the causes of stress, personalfeelings and response should also be written down, as well as what a person did in order to feel better.

Avoiding unhealthy ways of dealing with stress

People tend to see a number of unhealthy habits as a way todeal with stress easier, but the fact is that they only do more damage in thisway, while the so-called relief is only temporary. Some of these bad habitsinclude smoking, consumption of alcohol, overeating, spending hours in front ofTV or computer, sleeping much more than necessary and even using medications asan excuse for relaxation. Practically, they do all kinds of things only to fulfillas much time as possible and avoid facing the problem.

Techniques that help

It is important to avoid unnecessary stress, and learninghow to say no to people is one way to do it. There is a huge difference between something that should and must be done, and it is high time to learn it. Avoiding people, situationsand topics that cause stress is another way. In case a stressful situation cannot be avoided, there issolution again. Suppressing the feelings will definitely not do any good, whichis a reason more to express them. Readiness to compromise will also help,particularly when some things depend on others and not only on us. Learning howto forgive to others is something that will be beneficial for us, no matter howmuch a person in question hurt us. Looking at the big picture and focusing on the positivethings will help to stay positive, as well as to deal with negative outcome easier,if it occurs.

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