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Job related stress is a modern type of illness.

It is a condition where an individual is not relaxed at work and works under constant stress. A person is affected by negative energy at work and bad relationships between colleagues or between a manager and himself or herself.

At the beginning this stress can stimulate you to work better, but after some time your work performance will certainly become worse.

Usual symptoms of constant stress at work is feeling of anxiety, absenteeism and depression, substance abuse, extreme anger and frustration, family conflict. Severe cases result in physical illnesses such as heart disease, migraine, headaches, stomach problems, and back problems.

The main cause of stress is insecurity of your job position. In this period of economic crises people often lose jobs due to companies cutting of expenses, merging or reducing amount of work. Since you do not know whether you will come one day and see that you got fired you are never relaxed.

Another cause of stress are long working hours followed by unrealistic demands for the employees, short deadlines etc. This all puts you in a difficult situation where you work a lot without resting periods. At the end you feel exhausted and stressed out.

Another reason for stress is constant traveling and being away from family.

Since new and newer technologies are introduced every day managers expect from their employees to learn more and more every day in order to be able to work with all these machinery and technologies. This can be highly demanding and highly stressful.

Adapting to new work especially if you need to change your habits and need to respect certain dressing and behavior codes, can be very uncomfortable. You never know whether you made a mistake or not and this keeps you alert and tensed all the time.

If an individual has family problems as well, this will also affect their work and increase the level of total stress.

It is estimated that women suffer even more from stress at work since they can be victims of sexual harassment. Furthermore, society expects from women to be mothers, wives and successful employees at the same time. This can be very hard and almost impossible to achieve.

The only thing what you can do is to adapt.

Bear in mind that even if you lose job another one will show up. We all live in the world of constant changes and we need to learn to live with them. Whenever you have free time relax with your family and friends. Avoid drinking to much coffee. Stay away from alcohol and smoking. Try doing yoga and meditation. Running, walking, playing with your dog in nature will all bring you peace and serenity.

Keep positive thoughts in your mind, avoid conflicts with colleges. Celebrate other people’s success like your own one. Visit seminars where you will learn how to communicate easily. Eliminate angry thoughts and urge to revenge.

Whenever you feel that you are too tensed, stop and sit down and breathe deeply. Try developing your own relaxing techniques.

Learn how to say no if your manager puts too much work and pressure on you. Everybody must have enough time to rest. Learn to respect yourself and others.

Always keep your body fit by balanced diet and regular exercising. Drink plenty of water. And do not forget to smile as often as possible.

A professional therapist and even a sincere talk with a friend can help a great deal.

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