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Life or Endless Stream of Stress?

We are taught that life areobligations, work, deadlines, social norms, climbing the socialladder, aesthetics and all other things of this type. However, theseare all human-created and are usually pointless. Yet, we get overlyfrustrated after being scorned by our superiors for mistakes thatthey themselves had made, or get incredibly pressured by theimpossible deadlines which take every second of our life away fromus. Still, at the end of this daily game, we do not have enoughpapers and numbers on the ATM to play a successful game of life againtomorrow. Yes, life is a game, created badly, longing for perfectingfactors. Thus, you should not play it with all of your heart.

Rather, keep in mind that stress can bedangerous for your health and your health is the most importantthing for you to worry about. Death is real, deadlines are not.Stress makes us die bit by bit. However, at the same time, lack ofstress in life makes us lethargic, unmotivated and depressed.

Thus, nether of the two extremes isoptimal for our existence and happiness. So, we must balance our lifeso that we experience enough of the healthy stress, motivating us andletting us enjoy life through performance and creativity, while, atthe same time, paying attention not to go overboard and becomefrustrated or stressed-out.

Stress Management – a Key to Balance

There are two major ways of dealingwith stress. One is to avoid it and other is to face it and make itgo away. Naturally, the second one is more demanding. Nevertheless,it is far more effective. Thus, you may either turn your back on thethings which frustrate you, get them out of your life and continuelife focusing on pleasant and positive things, or stand your ground,face the source of your stress and make it disappear.

For these purposes, you first need tolocate the reason behind your stress. Once you have done this, youcan either leave it for a while, hoping it will disappear on its own,or become more easily solvable or face it head-on. For the latteroptions, you need to be emotionally strong and prepared. For this,you need meditation, which can help you relax and cope with yourfeelings better, exercises which will make you healthy and fit,keeping your body in top shape, and a healthy lifestyle throughexcellent nutrition providing your body with all the things it needsfor functioning properly.

Take your pick, find your strategy anddo not let stress take you away from all the people who love you.

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