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Stress Is Not Selective

The very notion of children suffering from stress might be confusing but it is not an uncommon thing. Just as we face many problems during our adult lives, children encounter stressful difficulties too. These could be connected to school, relationships and many other factors of a young person's life. Thus, these stressful events are bound to leave an impact upon the child, making him/her suffer from many different side-effects of stress. So, parents can be of great assistance if they are capable of noticing stress-induced changes in their children and reacting timely, removing these harmful frustrations through getting their causes out of the child's way.

Signs of Stress in Children

Smaller children, who have not yet developed their communicative skills completely, may experience the effects of stress through headaches, fevers, stomachaches and similar fits. Also, they might be prone to frequent crying bursts or bed wetting. Surely, either hyperactivity or lethargy may be some of additional signs of a child troubled by stress.

Stress in children is often misinterpreted. Namely, parents and other people often perceive silent, secretive children as potential drug abusers or problematic individuals. However, this may not be the case since these children may be burdened by many stressful problems.

What Can a Parent Do?

First and foremost, since the child sees you as a role model and often imitates your “grown up” actions, you might explain stress relieving techniques to your tormented child. Teach him/her how to deal with difficult situations and how to preserve mental calmness and a positive attitude. Of course, this involves you being positive and without stress, thus practice what you preach.

Next comes proper nutrition, being a crucial factor. In order for the demanding organism of your child to be satisfied, he/she needs a steady intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, omega6 fatty acids and many other nutritive substances. Thus, you, being a parent need to provide these since, once your child eats healthy, he/she will be healthy as well, both physically and mentally.

Exercising cannot be emphasized more during childhood. By introducing regular exercising to your child, you will provide him/her a stress release environment where the two of you can spend more time getting to know each other. Be worthy of your child's trust and learn how to always be there for children, since this will make them more secure too. All in all, make yourself a good model for your child by providing him/her with skills necessary for living a happy life without stress.

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