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We often use our innate intuition in commonplace and everyday situations without even realising. Here are some of the ways in which we do so.


1. Sometimes a dilemma or tricky decision can be resolved by “sleeping on the problem”. Effectively, this allows our night-time intuition a chance to make a solution evident.

2. Have you ever had a so-called “eureka” moment whilst at work or study? Occasionally, when faced with some problem that seems impossible to solve, one might temporarily abandon the situation only to find the solution popping into one’s head while at lunch or while working on a different problem. Perhaps a word from a co-worker at a given moment may have triggered something in your head, thus enabling your intuition to kick into gear and find the answer.

3. Most of us will have experienced the feeling that one is being watched. How many times have you glanced at someone nearby seemingly randomly, only to find that person looking at you? Perhaps only intuition can explain this.

4. Hunches can often turn out to be correct. But upon what was the hunch based? One’s intuition may have lead one to the correct answer or diagnosis without one realising why. Some kind of inner instinct may have lead to the answer.

5. In an artistic sense, intuition can lead to inspiration. Well-known works from all areas of art, literature and music have come about as a result of something merely “popping” into someone’s head. This kind of inspiration may have been intuitive in nature.

6. You may have occasionally arrived at work with an excellent idea or project to focus on during the day, but without any clue about how the idea was formed in the first place. Possibly, whilst commuting, your mind fell into the so-called “alpha-state” which is conducive to intuition and daydreaming.

7. Many of us have followed an inner voice of some kind. Perhaps this “voice” encouraged or convinced us that doing something we would not normally consider would be beneficial. This may be intuition at work, forcing us to go against our better judgment in order to achieve success.

8. Intuition can also be used for simple healing purposes. In the past, many medical intuitives have practiced, but in an everyday sense, we use our intuition to heal when we send ourselves to bed for recovery, instead of simply carrying on with possibly harmful tasks.

9. If you have ever suffered from a so-called mental block, one might have uttered the words “Give me a moment, it’ll come to me.” If the block is overcome, to what can we attribute the success? Memory, the subconscious, or intuition?

10. Intuition plays its part in attraction also. Most will have felt an instant attraction or kinship with another upon meeting that person for the first time. This can also apply to situations when voting for a particular person in an election - intuition leads one to trust or attach oneself to another human without realising why.

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