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Stress down, youthful looks up

A bit of stress can sometimes prove to have a quite positive effect on the person in question and his/her doings. However, too much of it is by no means something a person would like to end up with and want to be accompanied by daily. Stress, as such, is known to have the potential to severely affect and influence almost every aspect of our lives, health included. There also exist numerous stress-indicators, which can point to us just how much stress we are under and thus shake us up a bit so we would be able to fight it off in due time. When it comes to most tale telling indicators of stress, our skin is one of the most predominant ones. Once it starts losing its youthful looks, this means that stress has got the best of us. And this is the crucial moment for one to wake up and begin an anti-stress and skin-rejuvenation battle.

Since the effects of stress can be extremely strong, a person should not be surprised if his/her skin begins to age all too early. Furthermore, stress is known to be at the root of quite a number of ailments that befall our skin, namely giving our complexion a dull outlook, as well as the one too dry, too oily, all the way up to the phase when one’s skin becomes “infested” with ever horrifying wrinkles and fine lines.

In addition, even though a person in question is well capable of controlling stress on a mental level, the fact still remains that this is almost impossible when it comes to the effect it has on numerous psychological processes. What this implies is that, once under a whole lot of stress, the person’s body automatically induces the increase in the levels of adrenaline. Also, one’s heart rate goes through a sudden-increase phase, as well as metabolism and respiration.


The elevated amounts of adrenaline are known to be at the root of the blood flow away induction from the capillaries that perform the role of skin-feeders. This way, our body provides the muscles with the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients required to either battle the threat or flea from it. And in case of chronic stress, the consequences are even more serious since they tend to leave one’s skin extremely undernourished, dry and unpleasant to the eye. In case a person is going through a particularly strong emotional phase, where anger, fear, sadness, excitement and similar feelings are prevalent, this will initiate an enormous increase in the production of hormones and enzymes that induce the skin to increase the overall production of sebum – oily substance endowed primarily with skin-clogging properties.

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