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Meditation is an internal, personal practice that often involves invoking or cultivating an internal feeling or attending to a specific focal point. Meditation is a holistic discipline in which the practitioner trains his or her mind. All of us have heard of meditation but most of us never really bothered to ask about it. Some of us tried to meditate but didn’t really understand what is it all about. There is, on the other hand, a group of individuals that has been doing the meditation for years, but not as easy or effective as they want it to be. This article will try to go deeper in the secrets of meditation and help all of them to get the basics right and reach out for spiritual harmony.

Basic technique

Simple meditation techniques are very easy to learn and practice. The key of every basic meditation technique is learning how to relax. The easiest way to do so is to concentrate on the breath and try to get aware of the present moment. Effort to focus completely on the breath takes the mind away from mind clutters that constantly invade one’s thoughts and eliminate feelings of peacefulness and calmness.

Meditation postures

There are many different meditation postures. Each of them is suitable for a special kind of effect. For example, if one wants to boost mental energy, it is advisable to practice walking meditation. People willing to improve their concentration should try practicing the sitting meditation. However, body posture is not the most important thing in meditation. Mind activity and achieving true focus is what is really important. For this reason, one should choose the posture that suits him the best: on the floor, on the armchair, on a stool, walking, sitting, lying down… there are numerous choices. The one thing to remember is not to meditate in a horizontal position when you’re tired, so that your mind won’t slip into the state of sleep.

Benefits of meditation

Modern people are usually under a lot of constant daily stress and our busy life-styles are not giving us enough time to reduce stress, to chill out, to let it go or simply detach from all those demanding and frightening things we experience every day. Stress, anxiety, worry and anticipation are constantly exhausting our mind and results may sometimes become uncomfortable at best; for some it may be unbearable.

Daily meditation provides a feeling of separation accompanied with clearness of mind. It is our time for a special kind of personal attention and a true self-care activity. It helps to reduce stress and become mentally refreshed.

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