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Self-esteem affects the quality of one’s life to a greatextent, because it basically describes how people feel about themselves. It isdetermined primarily by our abilities and how we see them, as well as how we thinkthat other people value us. Still, even those people who have low self-esteem can improveand increase it, in order to improve the quality of their lives.

4 ways in which self-esteem can be improved

Definitely the most important thing is accepting yourselffor who you really are, which means that a person has to learn that there aresome things that cannot be changed, which is why it is simply necessary toaccept them. Instead, focusing on positive sides of one’s personality andpositive abilities is something that should not be avoided. We are alldifferent and none of us is perfect, which means that there is no point incomparing with others or trying to behave in a way that some people think isappropriate.

It is allowed to make mistakes, and what’s more, it iscompletely natural and normal. They usually lead to some unpleasant or even embarrassingexperience, but otherwise, we won’t be able to learn and improve ourselves. The attitudetowards mistakes is much more important than the experience, which means that aperson simply has to learn that failures will also be a part of the life, andthey do not determine who we are. They are only consequences of our choices, ofwhich not all can be good.

Choice is always there, even when it doesn’t look like that.People can always choose how they will react or respond to something. Negative situationor comment can certainly have negative power over us, but it is up to us todecide if we will allow this to happen or we will reject it. Surely, it isimportant to have positive and supportive people around, and to avoid those whoare negative and prone to criticizing.

Fear is a feeling that occurs because we want to protectourselves, and it is a normal human reaction. Still, since it can be paralyzingin certain situations, it is necessary to make difference between real andunreal or imaginary events. What might help in overcoming extreme feeling offear is visualizing the results that we would like to see instead of focusingon the worst possible outcome.

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