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Our body is the greatest supercomputer known to our race. Namely, if we perceive our bodies as pieces of hardware, these are controlled by our minds which are advanced operative systems, or the software. Our body possesses numerous sensors including vision, touch, hearing, taste and smell, in order to enable us perception of the world around us through various insight. All this data is loaded into our brain and processed there, in the very core of our body's supercomputer.

Our personal effectiveness, therefore, depends greatly on our capability to gather information and to keep ourselves healthy.

Regenerative Computer

Whenever we contract viruses or any other culprits which cause our system to malfunction, our body reacts by engaging into a self-healing mode. Thus, many times, even without medications, our body manages to heal itself, restoring itself into its previous, healthy, condition.

The Main Problem

Our body resists many attacks from the outside, staying healthy nevertheless. However, it is less resistant to one type of health problems, nowadays the most prominent one – stress. Namely, stress is, by far, the main cause of health conditions we may suffer from.

It can lead to high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches and migraines, depression or cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, stress interferes with our proper functioning and capability to process data, decreasing our concentration, power of making decisions, creativity etc. Finally, stress kills our social life, leading to nervousness, arguments, marriage and relationship issues and many other problems of this type.

Stress can also lead us to self-abuse through drugs, alcohol, violence and other vices presenting nothing more than a counter-productive escapism. However, this refuge is only temporary since we remain stressed out and are bound to burst sooner or later, making it all much worse.

The Importance of Stress Management

We need to learn how to keep our software and hardware well protected from stress. Different people benefit from different stress relief techniques and you are advised to find your own. Once you keep your stress levels low, the body's self-healing capabilities deal with all the other problems you might be facing.

Listen to Your Body

As it was mentioned above, our body picks up and processes information from the world around us. Also, if something is wrong with our health, our mind and body are bound to let us know through various symptoms of health problems. For example, hypertension is nothing more than a sign of excessive stress, acting like an indicator on a machine. If we ignore the warning, heart failure or other malfunctions may take place.

Thus, take good care of your bodily maintenance, lead a healthy life full of exercising and proper nutrition, reacting timely whenever your body warns you of problems.

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