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A well balanced diet is crucialfor a well balanced lifestyle. Although that goes without saying, nutrition islife. One must be aware that what you eat is how you live and feel. In order tocontrol you life and take care of your body, you must give it the correctnutrients it needs to function to its full extent. Eating too little or toomuch causes our body to stop working properly or, at the very worse, to stopfunctioning.

First of all, we must know whatwe need to eat and how often we should eat it. We need vitamins, so fruitintake is crucial, and it should encompass different types of fruit since allhave different types of vitamins and other healthy substances. Secondly,although many consider these malevolent for our health, pasta and bread, aswell as cereals and rice are a must. They contain fibers which soften ourstool, preventing all sorts of digestive diseases from appearing in our life.Lack of fibers in one’s nutrition may lead to constipation, or evenhemorrhoids, so the intake of fibers saves us from those illnesses.

Average person’s nutrition shouldconsist of about five meals, all smaller in size. One should avoid eatingexcessively and overloading one’s self. Eat enough to force the hunger away,not to stuff you to the limits. Eating too much makes too much work for thedigestive system and our body only piles the excessive intake as pure fat,making us overweight or even obese. Light but frequent meals are crucial, soorganize your life to enable those and you will feel the difference in no time.

Try to eat organic food, andavoid foods with additives in them. All unnaturally grown and produced foodcontains elements which might even be toxic for your organism. Variouschemicals are used for the production of such food, chemicals which make thenatural process of growth enormously faster and the food unhealthy. Avoid fastfood entirely. Most of the meat used in fast food industry comes from animalsbeing fed in such an unhealthy way that they reach full growth in a period ofweeks. The burger may smell and taste good but there is nothing the leasthumane behind it, let alone healthy.

All food high in calories andcholesterol should be avoided, along with food with high levels of salt, spicyand fatty food.

All in all, healthy eating,reflected through the regular frequent intake of fruit and fiber, along withnatural meat from animals raised in humane conditions for those who eat meat atthe first place, all provide one’s healthy nutrition and a long, healthy life.

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