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Mind – the ultimatecreator

Perhaps it does not occur too many but the power that thoughts hold is something not to be either overlooked or disregardedthe moment thoughts, as an abstract concepts, find themselves in the centre ofattention. The power they hold is also embodied in their omnipresent and “radiant”nature that enables them to reach even those apparently unreachable realms ofthe human psyche and being respectively. Out of these and many more reasons,it is said that when a thought holds a lot of power, it has the strength tocommunicate and positively influence those minds that are ready and set toreceive it. However, in case a mind is not prepared or eager to embrace such athought, it will quite understandably not produce any effect, let alone thepositive one.

On the contrary, in case a person inquestion is prone to keeping his/her mind busy with those negative thoughts,he/she will quite soon become a mirror and also a channel for all othernegative thoughts which are exuded by other people guided by the same thinkingprinciples. And this is, of course, something that can lead one into an abyss, nomatter how naïve or not dangerous it may seem to one. In addition, what alsomakes the entire genuine and essentially individual thinking more complicatedare numerous “suggestions” and allusions put forth by others and affecting thepeople by way of most straightforward verbal stimuli, i.e. suggestions, or bymeans of media, TV, thought waves (sounding radical perhaps, but possible nonetheless).Still such indirect and direct influences that people come in touch with on adaily basis are not sufficient enough to alter one’s mental structurecompletely. This is, to the greatest extent, dependable on one’s mentalattitude, which is what decides what kind of character and effect the thoughtwaves coming from others, as well as the one coming from oneself, willultimately have on a person in question.

Out of the best possible ways in which one can avoid any states of mind induced by those negativethoughts, is to isolate oneself in the sense that a person in question choosesonly such company which is endowed with the most proper mental health and thecompany which is centred around such positive thoughts, concepts, attitudes,unlike the one which is infested with ill-thoughts, ill-attitudes and malicioustalks. For, once a person forms a “healthy-circle”around him/herself, it is most likely that his/her health, both mental andphysical, will be at its highest all the time. Also, such a person will be moreinclined to think those “happy thoughts” more often than not.

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