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Telepathy is a communication between the two people in the absence of the spoken word. Telepathic communication represents transfer of thoughts from a person to person without the use of five senses, use of sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. This type of communication is not limited by a physical distance between people.

Telepathic Communication IntroductionTelepathy is a branch of parapsychology which extensively studies this phenomenon and considers it as a psychic ability. Telepathic communication is carried out using the power of the mind only. With the help of mental energy, one can send or receive thoughts, feelings, ideas and images of the other person.

Telepathic communication is mainly enabled due to spiritual or emotional connection between individuals. A person can receive information from a sender in different ways. The information may manifest like a flashing picture or a movie playing in the mind. The images and colors of telepathic message can differ to. They may be sometimes vivid and colorful and sometimes blurred and grayish. Also, the receiver may get the message as a thought or by feeling different emotions such as happiness, sadness, frustration or anger.

Depending on whether telepathic message is stated or non-verbal the receiver may get this message by instantly knowing it (paracognition), visualizing it (clairvoyance), hearing an inner voice in the mind (clairaudience) or feeling it (clairsentience).

Methods of Telepathic CommunicationFor telepathic communication one must believe and be open minded. Positive attitude toward telepathic communication is the key element for telepathic relationship. There are three methods of telepathic communication that may be in form of feelings, images or desires.

A person may first induce an emotion, desire or image he/she wants to send and then experience it. The second method involves visualizing the emotion, desire or image and also experiencing it. Finally, the sender must have will and be convinced that this telepathic communication will occur as he has intended it to happen.

Telepathic Relationship between Two People

Strong spiritual connection is a prerequisite for telepathic communication. It is not uncommon for a person to experience a situation in which he/she receives a call from a dear friend or loved one immediately after thinking about them. Such experience is a type of telepathic communication.

Individuals with strong telepathic relationship can often sense feelings or thoughts of another person even when they are physically separated by a long distance. Also, the two individuals may experience the same thing at the same time. Such individuals do not doubt in telepathy but accept it as a pure fact.

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