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What is telepathy?

Telepathy is a psychic ability of reading other’s minds. Modern science claims there is no proof telepathy exists, since none of the controlled scientific experiments succeeded to explain why it is sometimes happening. According to the scientists, people can read others mind’s by simply guessing what they are thinking about. In other words, it is just a question of mere chance. However, telepathy has a special place in the realm of parapsychology, where experts in this field claim telepathy is an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses, through extrasensory perception. Proponents of telepathy as a psychic ability also argue that it isn’t correct to call it a technique for reading a person’s mind, but rather a special technique that allows people to communicate with others by thought. Moreover, proponents of the theory are also suggesting simple exercises that will boost one’s inner telepathic abilities, and prove to each and one of us that telepathy exists.

Telepathy exercise

The most important thing to understand, before going deeper into this practice, is that the key to telepathy lies in the stillness of the mind. It is also important to be completely present and aware of the moment, and free the mind from any other thoughts. However, this is the hardest part of telepathy, and many people need long practice before reaching this level of awareness. If you find yourself having difficulties to focus on the present, try to master this first. There is a simple exercise for practicing awareness: imagine that you are a clear blue sky, and your thoughts are birds that fly around you freely. Relax and watch them flying across your mind. This exercise will help you to distance from your thoughts and become more focused on what you really are.

Once when you feel comfortable, try to focus on the moment. Sit down with another person, a sender of the information, and align seven different colored objects between you. The sender will have to choose one color in their mind and try to send it to the mind of the other person, while signaling that the transmission has started.

The receiver now focuses on the other person’s mind to literally see what they are sending. The receiver should say the name of the color out loud, and the receiver should confirm or decline the accuracy of receiver’s statement. Depending on the success, the receiver starts again or tries to guess the next color (which can also be the same).

It is important to practice five to ten minutes before switching sides. You will also need a break.

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