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Communication is crucial in every walk of life. Basically, once we know how to communicate with people in a right way, others are bound to respect us and think highly of us, wanting to spend time in our presence. On the other hand, having problems regarding communication will often lead to misinterpretation, arguments, misconceptions etc. Therefore, proper communication techniques can make people agree with each other and lack of these skills can easily set them apart.

Thus, people need to know how to communicate correctly in their professions, especially if they work with a lot of different people like nurses or people involved in nursing, for example, do.

Communication and Nursing

First of all, people who are into nursing need to pay attention to the tone and the speed of their voice. Namely, the messages they convey need to be easily understandable and clear so that the patient may follow the instructions or comprehend the information given. Slow, understandable language is preferred to be used by nurses. Also, they need to wait for the patient's response patiently, giving nothing but acceptable, positive feedback.

Other Ways of Communication

Yet, even though we mostly communicate through words, there are many other aspects of communication which we, perhaps subconsciously, use. All these are called non-verbal means of communication. In the nursing profession, one may come across patients who have difficulty hearing or are completely deaf. Then, a nurse needs to be capable of giving out messages through body language and receiving information through the same way of communication. Writing and drawing can help too. Amazingly, silence can sometimes be used as the most effective communication tool.

Special Nursing Communication Techniques

Every nurse has to establish a certain kind of relationship with the patient. Therefore, names are the first necessary aspect, exchanged during introduction. Also the nurse needs to pay attention to the patient's basic needs, avoiding distractions and establishing eye contact. All these things make for the foundation of this relationship and mutual dependence as well as respect.

Also, a nurse needs to be supportive and encouraging, since most of patients are already depressed and unmotivated. They need to feel this mental balance and emotions of patients, modifying their behavior accordingly.

Nurses need to be considerate and kind. For example, if the patient seems to be delusional, the nurse should tell the truth gently and calmly. Also, if the patient suffers from memory loss, the nurse should provide subtle reminders. Interactivity is crucial as well, naturally motivating your patients towards sharing and communication. All these factors make nurses what they are – compassionate, kind and humane individuals.

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