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Dreams arethe manifestation of our suppressed emotions and they are also a window to our unconsciousness. This is what some experts think. Others think thatdreams are only specific and vivid images of our daily experiences. The opinions on what dreams represent aredifferent and that is why we can’t say for sure what dreams symbolize. Here we will try to classify dreams and you must be aware that the types of dreams wemention here are not the only ones. There are probably other types, but sincethe dreams are very hard to research, we will list those dreams that arerecognized as the most frequent.

Repetitiveor recurring dreams

There aredreams that are constantly repeating themselves even for lot of years. Somepeople are dreaming the same dream since their childhood age. These dreams arehiding some kind of message that should be recognized. It can be very hard toreveal the meaning of that specific dream because maybe it is something that westruggle against and our consciousness doesn’t want to accept it. With the helpof psychoanalyst, you will be able to discover that mysterious meaning of thedream and you will feel much better after that.

Predictiveor telepathic dreams

Thesedreams are very delicate because they can be interpreted wrong as predictive.Sometimes it may seem as they are telling us that something is about to happen,but that can only be the manifestation of our anxiousness and fearfulness. Weall sometimes experienced that we have already been somewhere or seen the samething that we see now. These dreams are not rare and we have them all the time,but usually don’t remember them. They are not frightening, but dreams with aggressivecontent can be very frightening. People also frequently dream telepathic dreamsthat are usually associated to significant persons in our life. It is verycommon that people dream something terrible is happening to their lovedone and it is really happening.

Lucid dreams

There aredreams that are very silly and even eccentric and we are aware that those aredreams while we dream them. Because of that awareness, we are capable to controlthe dream. These dreams can sometimes help us solve some kind of a problem.


Nobody likes nightmares because they are frightening and they can exhaust us. Thesedreams can occur due to some suppressed feelings or some fears that we can’tconfront with.

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