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We will focus in the following text on vasculitis and the condition thataffects the blood vessels. There are several possible types of this condition, andthey are connected with the blood vessel's location. The blood vessels whichsupply the head and neck are connected with giant cell arthritis. Wegner'sgranulomatosis is connected with lungs, kidneys and upper respiratory tract.The most unaffected blood vessels are the ones located in the brain. Thecondition called vasculitis is said to be systematic disease. It can produceand mimic problems which suggest different reasons. Pain can be felt because ofskin ulcers, nerve infection and other. Problems that it can produce includerapid pulse, fever and loss of weight. There are several possible systems inhuman body which can be affected by this condition. Those systems are lungs,eyes, joints, blood, skin, brain, kidneys, nose, nerve, sinuses, ears andgastrointestinal tract. Skin problems may include rashes on legs. They arethe most common, and they are also known by the name palpable purpura. Jointscan also be affected. The most common problem in this system is arthritis butproblems without any swelling are also possible. Purpura can lead tohyperpigmented skin areas if the bouts are consistent.

When we talk aboutkidneys there can be problems with the loss of protein in the urine, redblood cells and clumps of red blood cells. The stated problems can producerenal insufficiency. If this happens dialysis will have to be conducted. Lungsystem can also have problems. Cavities in the lungs, shortness of breath, coughand lung infiltrates can be problems developed by vasculitis. Problems such asdiarrhea with blood, intestine perforation and pain in abdominal area suggestthe problems in gastrointestinal tract due to vasculitis. Nose is anothersystem which can be affected, and vision can be impaired, if the blood vessels tothe eyes are affected. Hearing loss and nasal septum inflammation are some of the problems which can be created in the nose, sinuses and ears. If the vessels in the eyes are affected, eye's chamberinflammation, retinal problems, sclera thinning, and conjunctivitis areproblems which can be created. Anemia can occur if the blood is affected. Thereis a possibility of white blood cells count increase, but in very small amount. If the brain is affected,coordination problems, strokes, headaches and mental changes are possible. Thelast system we will mention is the nerve system. Pain in the legs and arms weakness and numbness are quite possible if vasculitis produces problems in thenerve system.

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