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Trigeminal neuralgia

This problem usually happens in the later stage of life, from mid to late period of life, and it is one of the most common of all disorders connected with nerve pain. This condition creates facial pain, which comes suddenly and which can be described as sharp and stabbing. It resembles an electric shock, but it usually lasts short. Sometimes it can last for a longer period, even for several minutes. This problem is not very serious, but it can be discomforting and affect the daily routines. It causes the medium pain, but it can be difficult to live your life if you do not know when the pain is going to start. It can also affect your sleeping patterns and cause sleepiness. In more serious cases, it can produce depression, cause serious problems with nutrition and mental health in general. Suicide thoughts are not uncommon in patients with trigeminal neuralgia. Anxiety and irritability are also common problems.

Another common symptom of this condition is the muscle spasm. The trigeminal pain, which is responsible for the pain, can affect one of the three branches and they are mandibular, maxillary and ophthalmic. The most commonly affected branches with trigeminal neuralgia are mandibular and maxillary divisions. Maxillary nerve can be found through the cheekbone area, upper teeth, nose, and upper lip, while mandibular is in the lower check, jaw and lower lip. The pain generally is not experienced on both sides, but just on one of them. This problem can affect women in their 30's, but it commonly affects those in the 50's.

Causes of Trigeminal neuralgia

Today there are no known causes specifically connected with this condition. Some scientist state that nerve alters in biochemical way and this creates the problem. Some say that the problem occurs because of the compression of the nerve provoked by the abnormal blood vessels. The trigeminal neuralgia is connected with the trigeminal nerve and interruption of its normal functioning. The problem occurs because of the contact between the trigeminal nerve and a blood vessel. It produces the pressure, which leads to problems. Cause of this problem can be found in multiple sclerosis and aging and in much rare occasions in tumor. Pain can be produces by talking, eating, shaving, smiling, applying makeup, drinking, stroking face, teeth brushing and even coming in contact with a breeze.

When you think you have this problem, find a doctor who has experience with this kind of medical problems. Remember that proper treatment can reduce the symptoms. If your medications are not helping and the pain is acute, if side effects from medication arise, or if eating and drinking is impaired because of the pain, seek immediate attention from your doctor.

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