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Protein called gluten is the main culprit for the creation of a celiac disease. Items like cookies, bread, pizza crust and products with rye, barley and wheat in general, are full of gluten, which is responsible for the creation of this digestive problem. Some harmful results can occur after the consumption of gluten, so, if you are consuming it and you have celiac disease small intestine will suffer damage and cause the inability to consume some specific nutrients. The gluten causes an immune reaction that is located in the small intestine which causes the damage. Further complications includes vitamin deficiency and even reduce the brain's nutrition consumption. Not only the brain can be affected but liver bones and nervous system as well and many problems can come out from this condition.


The treatment will only maintain and reduce the symptoms but it cannot eliminate the problem, because until now, the cure hasn’t been found. The specific problems that this condition creates are also unknown, but the most common symptoms include pain in abdomen area, diarrhea and bloating. In some cases, problems with gastrointestinal system are not even experienced. The diagnosis of this disease has to be taken very seriously, since there are several conditions which can cause similar problems and some of those conditions are Crohn's disease, gastric ulcers, skin problems, parasite infections, irritable bowel syndrome and anemia. The celiac condition can also provoke some problems that are not easily connected with this condition, and they include pain in the joints, anemia, skin rash, feet and leg tingling, stomach upset, depression, bone and dental problems, irritability, muscle cramps and mouth sores. Malabsorption can provoke celiac disease, and if this is the case, problems like osteoporosis, diarrhea, gas, abdominal cramps, smelly stools, bloating, weight loss, excessive fatigue and arrested growth may occur. Gluten can produce another condition called dermatitis herpetiformis, which produces itching blisters usually on the buttocks, knees and elbows, so remove the gluten from your nutrition to remove this condition. The doctor should be visited if some of the symptoms are noticed. Children when suffering from celiac disease can have growing problem and potbelly, be pale and irritable so if any of these problems are noticed a doctor must be visited as well.


The treatment has to be performed since some consequences are possible if the condition is left untreated. Loss of calcium can occur and produce some bone problems that are mostly connected to the density of the bone, because bones can become very soft. Another possible problem is malnutrition, happening because the blood doesn't contain nutrients as it should. These nutrients are expelled from the system by the stool. The damage of the small intestine wall can cause pain that usually comes when food with gluten is consumed. Another item, which sometimes produces pain when consumed, is lactose, so if this occurs gluten and lactose will have to be reduces in your diet. Even cancer can be provoked if celiac disease is untreated; most commonly bowel cancer. The last consequences we will mention are related to the neurological complications and nerve damage and seizures can occur.

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