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Narcissism is also known asnarcissistic personality disorder is psychiatric condition where a person ispreoccupied with the brilliance of their own. Individuals who suffer from thiscondition have demands for other people to treat them with the feeling ofdelighted approval and liking, and since they are convinced that they are muchbetter than other people they have no interest in needs of others. However this extremely high level of self-pride is in function of hiding tenuousself-esteem, because these people are very sensitive to even a smallestcritique. There are various sorts of personality disorders and narcissism isone of them. It is known that these disorders are caused either by features ofpersonal nature, or traits that are not acceptable. These dysfunctional traitsare affecting person’s social, personal and professional life in a way that itis hard for a person to adapt and be accepted in the society. Psychotherapygives the best results in the treatment of this condition.

Sing and Symptoms

There are some signs that canhelp us to recognize narcissism. First of all, the person’s behavior isvery spectacular and it screams for attention. These individuals are convincedthat they are more powerful and better looking than others. They tend tomanipulate with other people's feelings in order to reach their own goals. Theextreme desire for acknowledgment is present. Low social skills in a sensethat there is no interest in how other people feel, and anticipation thateverybody will follow their plans, are also signs of narcissistic behavior while other symptoms include looking down on others, envy, belief that otherpeople are envious of them, low and tenuous self-pride and showing themselvesas cool and with no emotions.

It is important to make adistinction between healthy confidence and narcissism. Narcissism ischaracterized by extremely high self-pride, so high that other people are notfeeling comfortable and equally valued when being around this kind of people,but when we talk about healthy self-pride, it means that other people arevalued and accepted, too. Narcissist is often perceived like a person who hasexaggerated sense of self-importance or a person who likes to brag. When otherpeople don’t behave towards narcissist the way they expect them to personsuffering from narcissistic personality disorder can be very affected and evenfurious.

It is familiar that people withthis condition believe that they are completely healthy, but they are oftenunhappy because of the numerous problems they have in life. There aredifficulties in establishing close relation with other people because othersare avoiding them. It is hard for everyone to live a life alone and without anyfriends, because we are all social beings and have the need to be close tosomeone. If you notice you are not able to gain this in life and that yougenerally have problems with emotional expression, you should visit medicaladviser. Only that is the right solution and you will find psychotherapy veryeffective and helpful. It will enrich your life and teach you skills which willhelp you in building healthy relationships with others.

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