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Dry eyelids and the symptoms

Fortunately, this condition appears very rarely and it is relatively easy to treat. However, it is very important to establish the cause which is responsible for the occurrence of dry eyelids first, in order to cure it completely.

Dry eyelids can be quite discomforting condition, especially when the eyes become itchy as well. The women with itchy dry eyelids usually develop eye irritation since they frequently put make up on the eyes. Apart from itching and eye irritation, the people who suffer from this annoying condition may also experience redness of the eyes, as well as peeling of the eyelid skin. Furthermore, swelling or soreness of the skin around the eyes may also appear when this condition is in question.

Causes of dry eyelids

In the majority of cases, the condition called blepharitis, which is the medical term for the chronic eyelid inflammation, is the main culprit for the incidence of dry eyelids. The main symptoms of blepharitis are dryness, redness, itching and irritation of the eyelids, as well as the skin around the eyes. Corneal problems and allergies are also responsible for the incidence of the dry eyelids. Furthermore, it is considered that dry eyelids may also appear as a consequence of improper functioning of the glands that produce tears, which are called lacrimal glands. When these glands do not secrete enough amounts of tears, it leads to the incidence of sever eye dryness and dry eyelids as well. Dry eyelids may also result of using excessive makeup or when a lot of shampoo gets into the eyes. Moreover, the touching of the eyes when eating may also be a potential cause for the occurrence of dry eyelids.

Other causes for the incidence of dry eyelids are eyelid dermatitis, pink eye and eye stye.

Treatment for dry eyelids

The people who have dry eyelids as a result of eyelid dermatitis or blepharitis should visit an ophthalmologist first, who will probably recommend the use of eye drops specially made for dry eyes. Of all the natural remedies for the dry eyelids many herbalists recommend applying of aloe vera leaf on the dry eyelids, which will reduce the itching and irritation as well. Furthermore, the creams made of aloe vera may also be used, but the person should pay attention not to let the cream enter the eyes. The dry eyelids may be treated successfully with special eye moisturizers, which can be bought in almost every store.

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