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Dry skin on eyelids is one of the most uncommon medicalconditions as there are not a large number of people everywhere around theworld who get affected by it. It is known for being very irritating anddiscomforting because it involves excessive irritation and plenty of painfulsensations. Most persons who suffer from dry eyes try to compensate for theproblem by using make up, but it is usually not the best type of solution. Thistype of medical condition can be triggered by a large number of differentfactors and causes.


The most common cause of dry skin on eyelids is actually anothermedical condition which is known as blepharitis. For those who do not know,blepharitis is a chronic type of inflammation which affects the skin on theeyelids and it is characterized by certain symptoms such as irritation of theskin, dryness, itchiness and redness. There are also certain types of cornealproblems which can be the cause of dry skin on eyelids. Dry skin on eyelids mayalso be associated with bee stings and various types of allergies which aremostly accompanied by symptoms such as dryness, redness and swelling of theeyelids.

Malfunctioning of the tear gland may lead to lack of tears so it allmay trigger dry skin on eyelids. This type of medical condition is usuallyaccompanied by severe irritation and dryness of the eyelids. Certain types ofsoaps and shampoos may also be the cause of dry skin on eyelids. Contaminationand certain types of infections may also be the cause of swelling, inflammationand dryness of the eyelids. A certain skin condition called eyelid dermatitismay also be associated with the occurrence of dry skin on eyelids. This medicalcondition is commonly characterized by symptoms such as irritation and itching.Excessive use of certain types of makeup items such as mascara and eye shadowmay sometimes lead to the onset of dry skin on eyelids.

Accompanying Symptoms

The most common symptoms which are known for accompanyingdry skin on eyelids include irritation, scratching, soreness, redness, swelling,and sometimes even peeling of the skin.

Treatment Options

Dry skin on eyelids can be treated easily by using certaintypes of simple, home remedies. Prescribed eye drops are probably the bestsolution for the problem, but it can also be treated with Aloe Vera because itis the most potent natural germicide.

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