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Information on Watery Eyes

Tears serve a very important purpose. They lubricate the eyes, but the condition that involves excessive amount of tears, widely known as watery eyes, can sometimes be the cause of serious concern. Watery eyes can be caused by an increased production of tears or perhaps a problem with the tear duct drainage.

This condition is medically referred to as epiphora. Tears are necessary for the lubrication of the eyes and they are also very beneficial in keeping numerous different types of foreign particles from entering into the eyes.

Sometimes the tear glands produce too much tears which leads to watery eyes. The condition requires a fairly simple treatment but it is still necessary to determine the exact cause of this condition so that appropriate methods can be utilized for the alleviation of the problem.

Causes of Watery Eyes

This condition is one of the most common symptoms of numerous different eye problems and disorders. One of the most common causes of the condition known as epiphora is the so called dry eye syndrome. Those who suffer from this syndrome experience dryness and soreness of the eyes, which can be rather uncomfortable.

Due to that, tear glands produce excessive amounts of tears in an improper manner which leads to the formation of dry patches on the surface of the eyes. Another common cause of watery eyes is the medical condition known as blepharitis. It is an eyelid inflammation which interferes with the functioning with the glands located at the eyelid boundaries where eyelashes grow. This causes the growth of certain types of bacteria which lead to loss of eyelashes, watery eyes and redness of the eyelids.

Conjunctivitis is the conjunctiva infection and it can also be of the common causes of watery eyes. It gets triggered by certain factors such as viral infections, contact lenses, bacterial infections and different types of harmful chemical substances. It can be characterized by certain symptoms such as blurred vision, extreme sensitivity to light, eye pain and watery eyes.

Eyes can be irritated by various factors and each and every one of them will trigger the production of tears. The most common foreign particles that can be held responsible for the irritation of the eyes may include dust, wind, smoke, smog, or pollen. Ingrown eyelashes are medically referred to trichiasis and they can also be the cause of watery eyes, irritation, eye discomfort and eye redness. Blockage of the naso-lacrimal duct can also cause the eyes to become watery.

Other causes may include numerous different types of eye allergies, irregular eyelid growth, eye infections and old age.

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