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There are a lot of people who suffer from knee pain, which is caused by many various reasons. Knee pain can usually be accompanied by the swelling behind the knee, which can be very uncomfortable. People who suffer from swelling behind the knee can find it difficult to walk, run or jump. You should really take a good care of your knees since they bear certain amount of the body’s weight. Knee pain can also cause you to be unable to straighten or bend your knee properly. The swelling behind it can really affect the movement of your knee.


There are many causes of the swelling behind knee. One of them is called Baker’s cyst and it usually affects people who play sports. When they exercise, they can make some ligaments weaker than before, which can lead to the formation of the small non-malignant growth behind knee. This condition makes people unable to move their knee properly and it causes the swelling of the knee followed by a severe pain. Another cause of the swelling behind the knee is called chondromalacia of patella, which usually occurs after running for long period of time. Because of that, this condition is also called the runner’s knee, it usually causes swelling behind knee and rest is the best recommended treatment.

Various injuries, fractures, torn muscles or ligaments, or even trauma of the knee can also lead to swelling behind the knee. You should be careful about how much you use your knee, because the overuse of it can make you feel pain and have the swelling behind it. The constant movements of the knee or the continuous exercise can affect the knee to become swollen. In case a person is overweight, he/she may experience the weakening of the muscles of the calf, foot or the thigh, which can cause the swelling behind knee. There are other activities that can cause the weakened muscles as well. Some other problems that can cause the swelling behind the knee include insufficient amount of vitamins, diseases such as cancer, lack of exercise, etc.


There is a variety of treatments for the swelling behind the knee. In case you are overweight, you should take care of your eating habits and exercise routine to try to lose some weight. Regular rest can be also very helpful in the process of the treatment of this condition. Some people may be suggested to do some exercises with the help of the physical trainer. If you play any sports, or involve yourself in some kind of running activities, you should buy appropriate shoes to avoid this problem. You could also use some painkillers, creams, balms, ointments, or ice packs to prevent and reduce the pain and swelling of the knee. In some cases, the surgery needs to be performed. Take care of your knees and try to seek the immediate help of a doctor in case you experience swelling behind knee.

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