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Pain in the knee

Many people experience the sudden pain in the knee, which can be caused by many reasons. Sometimes, people who play sports may feel the knee pain due to the sprain or strain of the muscles and ligaments in that part of the body. However, some of the most common causes of the sudden knee pain include injuries, knee dislocation, fractures, gout, inflammation, and aging.

Most Common Causes

There are various causes of the sudden knee pain. In case the cartilage or ligament gets torn, you could feel the sudden knee pain. The knee is very sensitive since it deals with the everyday waking, running and jumping, and it holds the great amount of the body’s weight. You should take care of your knees because they can cost you a lot of pain. You should seek medical help in case your ligaments or cartilage get torn, because it usually causes a sharp pain and in some cases it requires surgery. If you happen to experience a knee dislocation, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible since this condition causes a very sharp pain and swelling in the area of the knee. Dislocation refers to the bone that has a shape of a triangle and it is called kneecap or patella. In case you have kneecap dislocation, you need to have it relocated back in its place immediately.

There are cases when sudden knee pain is caused due to the fracture of the bone in the knee joint. Bones that are most likely to get fractured are tibia, femur and patella. The easiest way to get a fracture of the bone in the knee is by falling down suddenly. Usually, the knee bone fractures are treated with casts, but sometimes the surgery needs to be done for the best results.

Gout is a condition that usually occurs during the night and it doesn`t just affects the joint in the knee, but the wrists, ankles and toes as well. It causes you to have a severe pain in the affected area. This condition is connected to the high purine foods that people consume because these foods cause the increased level of uric acid in the blood and they are called urate crystals in a joint. They cause the severe pain in the knee accompanied by swelling and redness. You should consult a doctor if you experience gout and you can have some prescribed medications to reduce the pain.

Another cause of the sudden knee pain can be inflamed tendons or muscles, caused by the overuse of the certain body parts. People who suffer from the inflammation in the tendons or muscles of the knee can fell extremely severe knee pain. A lot of older people suffer from the sudden knee pain, usually because their tendons and muscles that hold the knee are weaker than before. When people are inactive for a long period of time, they can feel sudden knee pain, which is caused by the condition called deep vein thrombosis. This condition is caused due to the occurrence of the blood clot, which forms itself in the veins somewhere between the calf and the thigh. A proper warm up is required for the people who are not really physically active. All in all, you should visit a doctor if you experience a sudden knee pain for whatever reason.

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